Members of the Canadian National Ski Mountaineering Team

Melanie Bernier
Martha Burley
Stano Faban
Peter Knight
Andrew McNab
Michelle K. Roberts
Steve Sellers
Brad Schalles
Reiner Thoni

Melanie Bernier

melanie-bernier-150x180Birth Date: April 27th
Currently Residing: Revelstoke
Profession: Residential Designer

Top 5 Skimo racing achievements:

  • 4th pierra menta 2013
  • 5th World Cup Alp3 Italy 2013
  • 11th World Ranking 2013
  • Sprint Continental champ 2012
  • 4 times National Champ

Top 5 other ski mountaineering achievements:

  • Skied from the top of Mt Blanc spring 2013
  • Southern Icecap Traverse (South America) 2009
  • Cerro Cathedral Traverse (South America) 2009
  • Avy corridor #9 First Descent, Rogers Pass spring 2012
  • Speed record for Wapta Traverse Spring 2012

Favourite training session: Skiing powder with the race skis until my legs can’t take it can’s anymore
Favourite race format: Indiv
Hobbies and other sports: Mountain Bike, Trail Running
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Sponsors: Vega, G3, Suunto, Rab, Helios Physiotherapy & Performance

Martha Burley

martha-burley-150x180Birth Date: 11 Sept
Currently Residing: Fernie, BC
Profession: I make yummy food

Top 5 Skimo racing achievements:

  • Patrouille des Glaciers
  • World Championships 2013-9th in Team Race with Carla McKirdy
  • 6th in relay with Melanie Bernier and Carla McKirdy
  • Winner: Coldsmoke, Dogtooth Dash (North American Champs), Ken Jones Classic, Canadian Cup 2013

Top 5 other ski mountaineering achievements:

  • I’m not very extreme…
  • Making it off the Capps glacier on one leg

Favourite training session: Outside on skis in powder
Favourite race format: Long and adventureful, from place to place up and over a few mountains, with some abseiling in between
Hobbies and other sports: Telemark skiing…and I’m on a mission to discover mountain biking this summer
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Sponsors:??Scarpa, Intuition, Flylow, Gregory, Fernie Physiotherapy

Stano Faban

stano-faban-150x180Birth Date: Sep 14, 1982
Currently Residing: various places in British Columbia
Profession: web designer & developer, entrepreneur

Top 5 Skimo racing achievements:

  • 2013 Overall Canadian Skimo Cup Champion
  • Wins and podiums in various Canadian and US races
  • 2x racing at World Championships
  • 1x racing Pierra Menta

Top 5 other ski mountaineering achievements:

  • Summiting and skiing Muztagh Ata 7546m (China)
  • Fastest known time for “Joffrey Enchantment” (BC, Canada)
  • Completed various multi-day traverses in Coast and Columbia Mountains (Canada)
  • Skied various steep lines in Coast and Columbia Mountains (Canada)
  • Wapta Traverse in a Day – Peyto Lk to Hwy 1

Favourite training session: Pretty much anything on skis
Favourite race format: Long & technical + team & individual
Hobbies and other sports: running, road riding & mtb, soccer, tennis, mountaineering, constant learning, reading, blogging
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Sponsors: Clif Bar

Peter Knight

peter-knight-150x180Birth Date: December 5, 1989
Currently Residing: Edmonton, AB
Profession: Mechanical Engineer in Training

Top 5 Skimo racing achievements:

  • 3rd, 2013 Gore Tex North American Championships
  • 39th in Sprint and 42nd in Individual race at 2013 World Championships in Pelvoux, France
  • 3rd 2013 SMCC Cup Overall
  • 1st 2011 Vert 180

Top 5 other ski mountaineering achievements:

  • 1st descent of BMT (Big Mountain Tuck), Edmonton River Valley Range
  • Wapta Traverse in a Day – Peyto Lk to Hwy 1
  • Various “medium” sized lines in the Rockies

Favourite training session: Doing lots of vertical
Favourite race format: Individual, obviously…
Hobbies and other sports: Mountain biking
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Andrew McNab

andrew-mcnab-150x180Birth Date: April 1984
Currently Residing: Revelstoke, BC
Profession: Tree Planter, Trail Builder, Christmas Light Installer

Top 5 Skimo racing achievements:

  • 12th in the Sprint Race at the World Championships 2013, France
  • 15th in the Pairs Race at World Championships 2011, 2013
  • 2nd in the Sprint Race as the North American Championships 2012
  • 6th overall at the Tenura Altitoy Open in the Pyrenees, France
  • 15th overall at the 28th Pierra Menta, 2013 Beaufort France

Top 5 other ski mountaineering achievements:

  • Winner of the inaugural Atomic Waymaker Backcountry Skiing Challenge, Austria 2013
  • Winner of the King of the Coldsmoke, Whitewater BC, 2012
  • First descent of the north face of Mt Wolverine, the Diagonal Gully (WI 4) on Mt MacDonald in the Selkirk Mountains BC
  • First descent of the NE couloir on Mt Thor in the Monashee Mountains, BC
  • Photos published in Powder magazine and Ski Canada

Favourite training session: Climbing peaks and shredding powder
Favourite race format: Teams, specifically Grande Course style
Hobbies and other sports: Mountain Biking, Climbing, Alpine Running
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Sponsors: Atomic Skis and Strafe Outerwear

Michelle Katchur Roberts

michelle-roberts-150x180Birth Date:??October 6, 1983
Currently Residing: Canmore AB
Profession: Education

Top 5 Skimo racing achievements:

  • Second place female Canadian Skimo Cup, 2102-2013 Season
  • Second place female, Dogtooth Dash North American Continentals, March 2013
  • Second place female, Castle Mountain Race, January 2013
  • Third place female, Whitefish Whiteout, January 2012

Top 5 other ski mountaineering achievements:

  • Thirteen Pass Route Traverse, Alberta 2012

Favourite training session: Power lifting because the powerclean is so much fun!
Favourite race format: Long hill climbs and multiple boot packs
Hobbies and other sports: Climbing, Mountain Running, Cycling, Reading, and painting
Website / Blog:??

Steve Sellers

steve-sellers-150x180Birth Date: really a long time ago!
Currently Residing: Canmore AB
Profession: Canadian Nat???l Sports Centre Sport and Faith Coach

Top 5 Skimo racing achievements:
2 world championships, 1 Euro championships, 3rd at Canadian Nationals 2012 (also competed in XC world cup and in USA Biky Elite wave for over 20 years)

Top 5 other ski mountaineering achievements:

Favourite training session: Anything really long with good powder
Favourite race format: Individual long distances
Hobbies and other sports: Mountain running, guitar playing, all other forms of skiing
Website / Blog:

Brad Schalles

brad-schalles-150x180Birth Date: September 14, 1985
Currently Residing: Squamish, BC
Profession: Ski tech / Domestic Engineer

Top 5 skimo racing achievement:

  • Represented Canada at World Championships in Pelvoux France 2013
  • Canadian National team member 2011-2014
  • 1st 2013 Ken Jones Classic
  • 3rd 2013 Whitefish Whiteout
  • 4th 2013 North American Championships

Top 5 skimo achievements:

  • Full Spearhead FKT 2013 6:42:58H
  • Fitzsimmons North Face ski descent 2013
  • One day Garibaldi Neve 2013 – 5:32 hrs
  • One day Wapta – Bow Lake to Hwy 1

Favourite training session: Deep powder skiing
Favourite race format: Individual
Hobbies and other sports: Trail running and climbing
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Sponsors:??Millet my clothing, Julbo my eyewear, Challenge by choice my gym

Reiner Thoni

reiner-thoni-150x180Birth Date: Aug 22 1984
Currently Residing: Valemount B.C. Canada
Profession: Forestry

Top 5 Skimo racing achievements:

  • ISMF North American Sprint and Individual Champ 2012
  • ISMF 19th Andorra WC vertical 2013
  • 15th Pierra Menta 2013
  • 1st place US and Canadian Skimo Champs 2011
  • 1st place Canadian Champs 2009, 2010, 2012

Top 5 other ski mountaineering achievements:

  • 2x ski descents of Mt. Robson – Canadian Rockies
  • Atomic Way Maker – Winning team – Dashstein Austria
  • NF Auther Meagan – Cariboo Mt.
  • NF Albreta – N. Monashees
  • San Jose “Directo Couloir” 5840m – Central Chile

Favorite training session: Depends on the day.
Favorite race format: Individual off piste 1500-2000m w/ cruisie uphill heading into steep boot pack, nice chalky steep decent fanning out into 1000m breakable crust down hill finish.
Hobbies and other sports: Gardening, berry picking, alpine climbing and photography.
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Sponsors:??Wild Mountain, Garden of Life, North Face