Competition Rules

ISMF Competition Rules??

General Rules

Uphill skinning marked with green flags – must use skins to climb (no snow shoes or boot packing)

Bootpacking marked with yellow flags – must have skis or split board attached to back pack

Descending marked with red flags – must wear helmet, skins removed

If a skier or boarder is in need of help, you must stop to assist them

Helmet must be worn for descents (some races require helmets for bootpacking as well)

Gloves must be worn at all time

Competitors must wear a 3 antenna transceiver??in their clothing throughout the race and carry a shovel and probe

Please note that the rules are relatively the same for each race, but vary depending on location, race type and weather conditions. Please review the rules set out by each race director. Required equipment may vary from race to race, but generally will include what is listed on the??Required Equipment Page.

For more detailed and the most up to date rules for the sport of Ski Mountaineering, please visit the website for the??International Ski Mountaineering Federation??and follow the links through Official Texts – Sport Regulations – Sporting Rules.